Crypto Trading Battle Ground

Pick the best performing coin out of BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH and XRP every 30 seconds and dominate other traders. Winner takes losers’ money.

Only skill matters!

Crypto Battle Mechanics

Traders compete in picking the best performing coin every 30 seconds. 

  • Pick a winner coin
  • Select pledge amount
  • Winner takes losers money

Real verifiable market data – no cheating.

Skill based decision making – the smartest traders win!

Unlimited Profit Potential

Unlimited earnings with limited downside. Traders can more than 50x their investments in 30 seconds by predicting the best performing cryptocurrency out of BTC, ETH, BCH, EOS or XRP. Winner takes all!

Fast Paced

Market open 24/7 – 15 second pledging window and 30 seconds rounds meaning there’s a winner every 45 seconds. You can bet multiple coins with different amounts at the same time.

Most Skilled Traders Win!

The probability distribution of the best performing coin is not uniform, meaning profits come from superior technical analysis and applying effective short term momentum trading strategies.

Real-time Chat and Leveling up

Real-time peer-to-peer discussion with like minded traders 24/7.

Support OG BTC? Sure. Think ETH is the new king? Fine as well. Find your mates in the trench and beat the other crypto fanboys together.

Level up to unlock cheaper fees and perks.

Bonus Features

  • First time trader bonus
  • Seasonal event bonuses
  • Frequent Trader Points (FTP)
  • Real-time market notifications

Join Crypto Battle

and start trading

SEC-approved Crypto Custodian

CryptoBattle partners with BitGo to secure all crypto assets. BitGo is backed by Goldman Sachs, CCSS Level 3 and SOC 2 compliant. BitGo is trusted by most of the major cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.


How can I deposit?

You can deposit funds to start trading by sending cryptocurrency to your CryptoBattle wallet. We support all major cryptocurrencies. 

You cannot deposit fiat-currencies at this moment.

How can I withdraw profits?

You can withdraw your profits at any time. There’s no documents to send, no waiting time before withdrawal, no approvals to get. Just enter your wallet address and the amount of cryptos you want to withdraw and the coins are on their way!

What does "best performing" mean exactly?

The best performing coin is the one that increases in value the most relative to other coins. 

Example scenario #1:

  1. BTC increases by 4.2%
  2. ETH increases by 3.1%
  3. XRP increases by 0.5%
  4. BCH increases by 1.4%
  5. EOS increases by 4.3%

In this example EOS is the best performing coin as it increased in value the most relative to the other 4 coins.

Example scenario #2:

  1. BTC decreases by -0.2%
  2. ETH decreases by -2.4%
  3. XRP decreases by -0.5%
  4. BCH decreases by -0.9%
  5. EOS decreases by -1.2%

In this example BTC is the best performing coin as it decreased in value the least relative to the other 4 coins.

How do the payouts work?

The total amount of pledges in each round is pooled as a “pot”. The winners of each pot receive the full pot amount (minus 5% jackpot fee and house fee). The pot is divided between the traders in the winning pot proportional to their pledge.


The total pot after jackpot and house fee is 1000 € worth of cryptocurrency:

The best performing coin is BTC. There are 3 traders who pledged on BTC in this round:

Trader 1 has pledged 50 € (50% of total pledges on the best performing coin).
Trader 2 has pledged 30 € (30% of total pledged on the best performing coin).
Trader 3 has pledged 20 € (20% of total pledge on the best performing coin)

Total pledges in best performing coin is 100 €.

Trader 1 will receive 50 % of the 1000 € pot, which is 500 € and 10x their initial pledge.
Trader 2 will receive 30 % of the 1000 € pot, which is 300 € and 10x their initial pledge.
Trader 3 will receive 20% of the 1000 € pot, which is 200 € and 10x their initial pledge.

The trading proceeds are paid in cryptocurrencies.

What is the jackpot?

5 % of the total pledges in each round go toward a jackpot pool. The jackpot pool is hit and divided if there is no price movement in any of the 5 coins during a particular trading round. The pool is distributed between the traders who pledged in that particular round.

Why do I receive other coins than I originally pledged on?

The winnings are the coins that other players have pledged on the trading round. You directly win their cryptos.