Bet on Cryptocurrency

Price Movements and Win!

Bet on the best performing coin every 30 seconds. Winner gets to keep all the losers’ bets.

Just like a horse race.

Gameplay in a Nutshell

Players place bets on which cryptocurrency is going to increase in value the most. Each round lasts 30 seconds. Winner gets to keep the losers bets.

  • Pick a coin
  • Select bet amount
  • Winner takes losers money

Real verifiable market data – no cheating.


Exciting & Fun

In the volatile world of cryptocurrencies there’s a lot of action going on all the time. Cryptos are sold and bought 24/7 and there’s action no matter what time zone you are in, day and night.

Fast Paced

Always on gameplay. 15 second betting window and 30 seconds game round means you can have a winner in every 45 seconds. And you can bet on multiple cryptos on the same game round.

Easy & Simple

Pick your coin and place your bet. That’s it!

Chat With Other Players

Real-time discussion amongst other players on the pulse of the market. Learn why others make their bets or just hang around.

Bonus Features

  • Sign up bonus
  • Seasonal Events bonuses
  • Frequent Player Points (FPP)
  • Jackpot wins!

Join the action

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Enterprise Security

CryptoBattle partners with BitGo to secure all crypto assets. BitGo is backed by Goldman Sachs, CCSS Level 3 and SOC 2 compliant. BitGo is trusted by most of the major cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

SEC-approved Crypto Custodian


How can I withdraw my winnings?

You can withdraw your winnings at any time. There’s no documents to send, no waiting time before withdrawal, no approvals to get. Just enter your wallet address and the amount of cryptos you want to withdraw and the coins are on their way! 

How can I deposit?

You can deposit funds to start trading by sending cryptocurrency to your CryptoBattle wallet. We support all major cryptocurrencies.

You cannot deposit fiat-currencies at this moment.

Is the a mimimum bet?

There is no minimum betting amount. You can bet as little as you want.

How does the payouts work?

The total amount of bets in each round is pooled as a “pot”. The winners of each pot receive the full pot amount (minus 5% jackpot fee and house fee). The pot is divided between the players according to their bets.


The total pot after jackpot and house fee is 1000 € worth of cryptocurrency:

There are 3 winners in this round:

Player 1 has bet 50 €.
Player 2 has bet 30 €.
Player 3 has bet 20 €.

Total bets in winning coin: 100 €.

Player 1 will receive 50 % of the 1000 € pot. They’ll get 500 €, which is 10x their initial wager.
Player 2 will receive 30 % of the 1000 € pot. They’ll get 300 €, which is 10x their initial wager.
Player 3 will receive 20% of the 1000 € pot. They’ll get 200 €, which is 10x their initial wager.

The winning amounts are paid in cryptocurrency.

What is the jackpot?

5 % of the total bets in each round go toward a jackpot pool. The jackpot pool is hit and divided among players if there is no movement in cryptocurrency prices during that particular round.

Why do I receive other coins than I originally bet on?

The winnings are the cryptos that other players have bet on the game round. You directly win their cryptos.

What does "best performing" mean exactly?

The best performing coin is the one that increases in value the most relative to other coins.

Example scenario #1:

  • BTC increases by 4.2%
  • ETH increases by 3.1%
  • XRP increases by 0.5%
  • BCH increases by 1.4%
  • EOS increases by 4.3%

In this example EOS is the best performing coin as it increased in value the most relative to the other 4 coins.

Example scenario #2:

  • BTC decreases by -0.2%
  • ETH decreases by -2.4%
  • XRP decreases by -0.5%
  • BCH decreases by -0.9%
  • EOS decreases by -1.2%

In this example BTC is the best performing coin as it decreased in value the least relative to the other 4 coins.